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black sheep.

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black sheep.
( wolf's clothing.)

jonah silfverberg. male. twenty-one. swedish, french, & american descent. expatriate to the united states. classification: therianthrope; family: canidae; subspecies: canis lupus lupus. race tradition: homo lupus or loup-garou. pack: vincennes; former status: inheritor; current status: rogue.

this is a call to all n i g h t m a r e s.
jonah was never human. he was not bitten or cursed. the loups-garous are wolf shapeshifters who change at will — and hunt at will, ruthlessly. the vincennes pack was home to jonah until one year ago. although slated to become the next pack leader, he left his family in a fit of rage after one of them killed a close friend. they're coming for him; he can sense it. whether it's to bring him back or to execute him for desertion, he doesn't know.

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